Responsible Gaming

OUR MISSION 『 我們承諾致力給每一位客人 留下難忘的體驗,我們的承諾一直延伸至 度假村的每個層面以至娛樂場等地方, 我們亦同樣地致力推廣一個負責任的博彩氛圍。』 蕭登 ‧ 艾德森 “We are committed to providing each guest with an unforgettable experience. That commitment extends to every facet of our resort – right down to the casino floor where we are equally dedicated to promoting an atmosphere of responsible gaming” - Sheldon G. Adelson OUR COMMITMENT TO GUESTS, TEAM MEMBERS AND THE COMMUNITY 我們給客人、員工以及社會的承諾 Sands® China Ltd. has taken a proactive approach to combat the social issues arising from problem gambling by launching a full Responsible Gaming Programme in 2007. This program aims to provide informa - tion on problem gambling and teaches our team members how to direct guests to obtain help. Gaming is a form of entertainment for adults only and persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from entering any gaming areas. We optimise our Responsible Gaming Program through continuous partnership with experts, problem gambling prevention and treatment centres, education and community organisations, striving to effectively minimize gambling-related damage. 金沙中國有限公司採取積極進取的態度去面對因問題賭博 而引起的社會問題,並已於2007年全面推行負責任博彩 計劃,為客人及員工提供有關問題賭博的資訊,同時亦指 導員工怎樣引領客人去尋求相關協助。博彩是一項成人的 娛樂節目,金沙中國有限公司嚴禁任何未滿21嵗之人士進 入博彩區域。另外,我們不斷與專家、問題賭博防治機構 、教育及社區團體合作,優化公司的負責任博彩計劃,致 力把博彩行爲可引致的危害減低。